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Nox Playroom

Spreading good vibes and building positive communities through gaming and streaming, founded by husband and wife Radlincs and Khaline


Aldrin Clemente

Playing video games since he was a kid, Radlincs is an experienced gamer beating dozens of titles since the OG PlayStation era.

Despite the seemingly fixed serious expression, he is actually a very positive and friendly guy who cracks jokes every now and then. He just doesn't know how to smile. LOL.

Favorite game franchise:
Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, God of War, The Last of Us, Resident Evil, Tenchu



Madelaine Clemente

Khaline is the outgoing and extroverted half of Nox Playroom, bringing in fun discussions to the stream with lots of energy.

She was introduced to serious gaming by Radlincs through MMORPGs, and has since managed to finish a few other games by herself. She still screams a lot when playing survival horror games though!

Favorite game franchise:
Resident Evil, God of War, Final Fantasy

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