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Albedo v1.1
★★★ Geo Sub DPS ★★★
Artifact Set:
2x Archaic Petra, 2x Noblesse Oblige

Artifact Main Stats:
Sands: DEF%
Goblet: Geo DMG
Circlet: Crit Rate OR Crit DMG OR DEF%

Artifact Sub Stats:
Crit Rate, Crit DMG, DEF%, ATK%

* 3★ Harbinger of Dawn (Best)
* 4★ Festering Desire

* In this build, Albedo just leaves a Solar Isotoma (Elemental Skill) on the field and let the main DPS do their thing inside it to proc the damage every 2 seconds
* Albedo’s Solar Isotoma damage is DEF-based, so no need to worry about low ATK
* Maximizes +28% Crit Rate from HoD due to play style (quickswapping to avoid damage), not to mention up to +46.9% Crit DMG from it
* Spammable Elemental Burst boosted by Noblesse in only a bonus