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Xingqiu v1.0
★★★ Hydro Sub DPS ★★★
Artifact Set:
2x Noblesse Oblige, 2x Heart of Depth
4x Noblesse Oblige

Artifact Main Stats:
Sands: ATK% OR Energy Recharge
Goblet: Hydro DMG
Circlet: Crit Rate OR Crit DMG

Artifact Sub Stats:
Crit Rate, Crit DMG, ATK%, Energy Recharge

* 5★ Primordial Jade Cutter
* 4★ Sacrificial Sword (For potential recast and ER)
* 4★ Festering Desire (For ER and skill boost)
* 4★ Favonius Sword (For ER)

* Xingqui’s burst requires 80 energy, so stack up on Energy Recharge if you need to keep his burst up
* Best paired with Pyro DPS for constant Vaporize reactions
* 4x Noblesse can outdamage 2x Noblesse and 2x HoD depending on your artifact substats and can also boost your party (i.e. your main DPS after bursting), so consider that unless you already have one party member that uses the same set