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Zhongli v1.1
★★★ Geo Burst Sub DPS ★★★
Artifact Set:
2x Archaic Petra, 2x Noblesse
2x Tenacity, 2x Noblesse

Artifact Main Stats:
Sands: HP%
Goblet: Geo DMG
Circlet: Crit Rate OR Crit DMG

Artifact Sub Stats:
Crit Rate, Crit DMG, HP%, ATK%, Energy Recharge

* 5★ Staff of Homa
* 4★ Deathmatch
* 4★ Blackcliff Pole

* 2x Archaic 2x Noblesse gives the most damage boost to your Burst. If you need stronger shields at the cost of slightly lower Burst damage, go for 2x Tenacity, 2x Noblesse.
* Always cast shield first, then switch to your main DPS to maximize the shield’s All RES debuff to surrounding enemies

★★★ Support / Sub DPS ★★★
Artifact Set:
4x Tenacity of the Millelith

Same as above

* Position your Stone Steles where enemies get hit constantly by its pulse to ensure that the ATK% and Shield Strength buff from 4x Tenacity gets refreshed constantly